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3/23 - Minecraft at PAX East

4/7 - Minecraft with Creatabot 

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2 Player Productions Bio


Photo by Dabe Alan courtesy of the PA Report

2 Player Productions is a Portland, Oregon-based production company dedicated to documenting the world of video games and the rich subcultures that have sprung up around the medium. Combining innovative production techniques with an eye for poignancy, their documentary work invokes both the heart and the mind, humanizing the often denigrated gaming industry.

2 Player Productions was formed in 2005 by filmmakers Paul Owens, Paul Levering, and Asif Siddiky. Their breakout success came in 2008 with Reformat the Planet, a feature length documentary chronicling the global chip music scene. It debuted at South by Southwest Film Festival in 2008 and has played to eager audiences around the world.

Capable of bringing their unique style to any project, the team has built a reputation within the film, music, and gaming communities. Collaborators have included Sony, MTV, G4, CurrentTV, Pitchfork Media, Spike TV,, Video Games Live, and 8bitpeoples.

2 Player's most recent successes include "Penny Arcade: The Series", an episodic documentary chronicling the titular Penny Arcade webcomic; "Minecraft: The Story of Mojang" a feature documentary on the success of Minecraft, and the "Double Fine Adventure" an experimental record breaking Kickstarter project they co-created with Double Fine Productions.