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Complete list of shooting set up and gear
Paul Levering
Saturday, 12 January 2013 14:53
We have received a few requests to share our shooting set up, so I put together this information dump.  Feel free to ask us any questions via Twitter or Tumblr.

The 2PP workstation

This is our cluttered work station in the office. Turning around from this view you would see a heap of bags, boxes, and sound blankets in the corner.


Panasonic AF-100P w/Convergent Design Nano Flash recorder
Lexar Pro 128 Gb 133x SDXC (camera)
Lexar Pro 64 GB 1000x CF (nanoflash)

We upgraded to this from the Panasonic HPX-170 for the larger image sensor and variable lens mounts. We tried using the 170 with a 35mm adaptor but the rig was too unwieldy. Soon we’re adding the external nano flash recorder to have 4:2:2 color sampling and less compression. What that means is that when the camera shoots to the SD card it compresses the footage to make it fit. That results in image noise. The nano flash records an uncompressed video stream from the cameras SDI video output to super fast compact flash cards, with roughly 4x the information density. This results in a cleaner, more accurate image that holds up better to post production and is acceptable for most international broadcast standards.

Making the Pitch Video
Paul Levering
Thursday, 01 March 2012 20:04

We arrived at Double Fine early in the morning, not entirely sure what to expect. We knew that we would be shooting the pitch video that day but we hadn't seen the script yet.  Greg Rice, the project producer, had assured us Tim had been working on it all that week and late into the previous night.

We waited in the office rec room for Tim to come out of a morning meeting.  When he finally emerged from his office he came over to greet us, and promptly went to print out three copies of the script which he then handed us to read.  We weren't sure what to expect but I had a sneaking suspicion what we would be in for.


Paul Owens Interviews Cory Schmitz
Paul Owens
Monday, 25 July 2011 19:00

Zelda zine

Cory Schmitz creates original artwork inspired by videogames.  His most recent project is a zine based on The Legend of Zelda, consisting of art, illustration, and literature submitted by fans of the venerable series.