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Free preview of the Double Fine Adventure
Tuesday, 29 May 2012 11:39

The historic Kickstarter campaign is over and development of Double Fine's new graphic adventure is well underway.  Even with over 87 thousand backers we heard that many of you weren't able to get involved in the campaign due to unfortunate circumstances.  In further pursuit of the goal to let adventure into the hearts of every man woman and child, Double Fine has opened a paypal option allowing continued support of the project at the $15 level.  

What this provides is access to the development forums where you can follow along with the games progress and maybe learn a thing or two about programming, writing, art design, gameplay, and all the minutiae of making an adventure game.  You'll also get a copy of the game when it's finished, and a pass to watch the ongoing development documentary series.  Why bother with the documenary you ask?  An understandable position to take, though we would like to sway your opinion and make a case for it being something that's kinda awesome.

In pursuit of that nobel goal we have made episode one of the "Double Fine Adventure" series available to view online for free.  If you like what you see, consider supporting the project to learn just how far down the rabbit hole goes.