Amnesia Fortnight

Back in November of 2012 we were fortunate enough to collaborate with Double Fine on their annual "Amnesia Fortnight" internal prototyping game jam. In previous years, Double Fine would set aside two weeks for the company to break into small teams and work exclusively on new game ideas. This process had always been private, but this year company founder Tim Schafer decided to open the process up to the public and allow their fans to participate. We were asked to document the entire event and the result is one of the proudest achievements we've had as a company so far.

We released a video documenting each day of the two week dev process for ten in total, plus two extra videos covering the days leading up to the event and the aftermath that followed. That's close to 5 hours of solid video coverage capturing the complete genesis of 5 brand new game IPs. This project was initially only available to backers of a special limited Humble bundle campaign, but now we've revisited the series to expand upon some of the episodes and create a definitive Blu-ray of the entire experience.


Now available for pre-order, the Amnesia Fortnight 2012 box set contains

  • The entire 12 part AF documentary series by 2 Player Productions
  • All 23 pitch videos from the crew of Double Fine
  • Tim Schafer's Amnesia video
  • Guided demos of the prototypes with commentary by the team leads
  • All five of the prototype games created during AF, plus bonus prototypes including Double Fine's secret project Brazen and two classic AF games, Costume Quest and Happy Song. (Windows only)
  • A 15 track soundtrack including all the AF prototype music
  • A download code for the digital version of all the content

The set is currently available for pre-order for the price of $30. For $45 you can choose from 1 of 5 exclusive covers representing the prototype games, signed by the respective team lead. For $70, you can get the set of all 5 covers! Pre-order the set from the Double Fine store here.