Mighty No. 9

In June of 2013 DDM (Digital Development Management) approached us to potentially assist a major Kickstarter project with a Japanese developer. We were thrilled to find that the project was with none-other than Keiji Inafune(Mega Man/ Dead Rising) and his new studio Comcept.

Kickstarter had already proven itself as an alternative for development funding in the US, but the Japanese market for the service had yet to see a breakthrough. It was the hope at the time that a strong project from a known creator could raise awareness for the service in Japan, much like the Double Fine Adventure did for the American development studios. Keiji Inafune's desire to work with his legions of fan and return to his roots of character action games seemed like the perfect fit.

All of us being lifelong fans of Inafune's work, we immediately got to work on a pitch we hoped would catch the imagination of gamers that shared those fond memories. The video below shows how our initial storyboard pitch was realized on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka.


Incorporating what we learned from the Double Fine Adventure and Massive Chalice projects, we shot additional footage in Japan to support the Kickstarter with fresh content during it's month long run. These videos were released periodically up to the end of the campaign, which saw the premier of the first part of a 4 episode documentary series we would produce on Might No. 9.

Mighty No. 9 Reveal, PAX Prime 2013

At Home with Manami Matsumae

A Conversation with Keiji Inafune

Mighty No. 9 Fan Art Tribute