Penny Arcade: The Series

PENNY ARCADE: THE SERIES DVD TRAILER from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.


Tastefully straddling the line between documentary and guilty-pleasure voyeurism, Penny Arcade: The Series collects the bizarre continuum of one of the world's strangest companies.

Watch "Penny Arcade: The Series" on PAtv

Episodes of "Penny Arcade: The Series" on PAtv:

PAX Prime/ pilot part 1
PAX Prime/ pilot part 2
The Office
The Writing Process
The 4th Panel: Retales...
Child's Play Part 1
Child's Play Part 2
The 4th Panel: On the Dunes of Ur-Marsa
Ping Pong Match Part 1
Ping Pong Match Part 2
The 4th Panel: Here's Your Reality Program
The Hiring Process Part 1
The Hiring Process Part 2
The 4th Panel: Contrition
The Book Tour
PAX East
The 4th Panel: Purgatory
Time 100
The 4th Panel: Au Lait S'il Vous Plait
Scott Kurtz
Dungeons and Dragons
The 4th Panel: Your Definition Headquarters
First Hire
Video Games
The 4th Panel: Redolent with Spices
The Show
The Season Finale

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"Penny Arcade: The Series" on DVD features tons of all new content:

  • All 27 episodes from Season 1, including all 8 of "The 4th Panel" episodes
  • English subtitles for all Season 1 Episodes
  • Four exclusive, never-before-seen episodes of "The 4th Panel"
  • Nearly THREE HOURS of deleted scenes (?!?)
  • Two commentary tracks for EACH original episode, from both 2 Player Productions and Penny Arcade staff members
  • Totally region free